Constructed of high strength/low weight  11 gauge aluminum.

Polished stainless steel T-handle latches with locks.

Boxes & Doors available in diamond tread plate or flat aluminum.

Stainless Steel doors also available.

Piano style door hinge.

A water resistant seal, automotive grade door seal, seals the entire perimeter.

All joints TIG welded providing superior strength and a attractive appearance.

Drop Deck Box    Between-the-Frame Box    Top-Open Box     Hydraulic Tanks      Battery Box Covers


Weatherproof and Non-weatherproof, secure boxes are offered in a range of styles, sizes and materials. Steel boxes - 11 gauge and 14 gauge, which can be painted to match your specifications are strong and budget priced compared with stainless steel, which adds rust resistance and a shiny finish. Steel boxes are preferred by flat bedders because they provide the strength and durability needed to carry chains, binders and other heavy equipment.

Aluminum - 11 gauge, the most popular material, saves weight. An aluminum box weighs about two-thirds less than a steel box of the same dimensions. Aluminum boxes come in a choice of polished finish or diamond tread plate.  You can install most tool boxes yourself in an hour or less.

Custom designs available

Call Bahra with specs for pricing.

Extraordinary storage room.

Utilize your unused frame space.

Heavy Duty Design on all storage boxes for a longer life.