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                          Feather Weight  Asphalt Lute:                             Bracing detail

Features a comfort 1 1/4" diameter grip anodized pole  approximately 72" long.

The connection between the rake and the handle is reinforced inside to provide additional strength.

Heavy duty bracing for additional sturdiness. Braces are constructed with 3/4" x 1/8" thick aluminum.


   Standard Asphalt Lute                 Ribbed Cast aluminum T bar connector

Features a 1 1/2"  anodized pole equipped with a cast aluminum connector with a unique rib 

design capable to stand up to the most rigorous applications.       


Super Duty Asphalt Lute

The Super Duty Lute comes with a 1 1/2" anodized pole with both the cast aluminum connector with a 

unique rib design capable of withstanding the most rigorous applications and a 3/4" x 1/8" bolted brace 

to ensure maximum stability.


All Bahra Lutes are constructed with 11 gauge high strength aluminum. They are a one piece extrusion 

36" long designed to be tough . All Lutes are complete with a raking side and a leveling side. 

The rake is complete with 10 teeth per foot with deeper indentations for operator ease and 

comfort thus reducing fatigue and improving performance.

Components are predrilled and shipped with Teflon nuts for quick assembly.


     Asphalt Tampers

Bahra Asphalt Tampers are a solid steel construction designed to provide long lasting heavy duty 

performance. The post wall is 1/8" thick and measures 1 1/2" in diameter. 

The plate is 7" x 11" x 5/16" thick and has four 3/16" thick cleats to add strength and durability.

Bahra Tampers come in a matte black finish.

Bahra Enterprises inc. also offers a choice of Curb Line Assembly units.

Solid steel and aluminum construction these instruments are precision crafted to provide you with

the features and ease of use you expect from Bahra products.

Slotted Type                            Finger joint style


Bolted on adjustable arm -  Wrench free  adjustable arm


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