Bahra Machine Shop  

Fabrication & Repair

We repair.  We build.  We machine.  

We Save the Day for many of our valued customers who 

depend on us in order to continue with their business. 

"Time is money".  We acknowledge that by providing an excellent service at reasonable rates in a timely manner

 or in a RUSH


Bahra is a customer driven organization.

 We are service oriented and know the importance of a 

fast & cost efficient turnkey operation.

We specialize in the repair of components for 

Heavy Duty construction equipment, 

Snow Removal Equipment and......

When necessary, we rebuild from scratch sprockets, gears, pins, or any other component 

which are not readily available in the market.  


We also specialize in cloning components which are not readily available or repairable.

You can depend on us for precision machining as well as prompt service on essential parts/components. 




A list of some of the items we repair

Heavy Duty Equipment, Street Salter, Snow Removal Equipment, Dozers etc.        

Transmission housings        Axels       Sprockets        Gears        Pins        Buckets        Booms        Tandem Boxes        Hydraulic Rams        Wing posts        Conveyors        Shafts        Centre Links        Mow Boards     


TEL (905) 792-0037         Toll free 1-866-793-1174

You can fax us at    (905) 792-3825              Toll free    1-866-793-1175

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